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Online Virtual Try-On | Core Advantages

Boost your eyewear business and learn more about the main positive impacts related to our Virtual Try-On solution.

Our team provides you with the key advantages our digital tool brings to your brand. Check out all the core benefits you can get below.

Virtual Try-On: no longer a "nice to have" but
the new "must have" for any eyewear website

A great add-on for your audience

  • Provide a huge WOW effect
  • Offer an ultra realistic and high quality experience
  • Appeal to Millennials and Gen Z
  • Empower your audience by letting them try before they buy their frames
  • Increase user engagement
  • Give them confidence to buy online a product

A true booster for your sales

  • Increase sales by up to 40%
  • Stand out from the competition and gain new market shares
  • Reduced churn rate & return rate
  • Snowball effect: less returns + happier clients + increased traffic + better brand awareness + broader market reach + less shopping cart abandonment = higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Save money on photo services (2 HD pictures offered for your product pages/marketing needs)
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A useful feature for your website

  • Available on any device
  • Advertise virtual try-on on social media/ads to increase traffic
  • Lower rate of shopping cart abandonment
  • Increased time spent on website
  • Better SEO and organic ranking
  • Great product pages with our HD pictures
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A real asset for your brand

  • Get a huge competitive advantage
  • A disruptive, one of a kind experience your clients will love and talk about
  • Get great publicity by marketing the use of the technology via the local press and social media
  • Improve your brand image by being at the cutting edge of e-commerce trends
  • Increase brand recognition: satisfied customers are the strongest brand advocates
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Experience our Live & Ultra-Realistic
Glasses Virtual Try-On

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced
A powerful "try-before-you-buy" technology for your glasses e-commerce website


By adopting Virtual Try-On, you'll guaranteed to:

- Be a trendsetter: virtual try-on is an indispensable
way of selling eyewear online

- Be at the forefront of technology as augmented reality is becoming unavoidable

- Gain a sustainable edge: less returns = less wasted resources + reduced carbon footprint

- Expand your sales channels: allow your ressellers to promote your frames with virtual try-on too

- Benefit from our marketing reach by being featured in our newsletters/ customer celebrations, etc

They've chosen Fittingbox Solutions

Why choose Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced?

Our technology has won many awards and is patent protected. It provices high quality rendering and an ultra realistic experience.




Live Virtual Try-on & Photo Fallback


Ultra Realistic
 3D Frames & Lens Renderings


Real Time Face Tracking
& Precise Frame positioning


Size Guarantee
of Frames



14 Languages


Multi Sites allowed

(if same website displayed in an other language)


Web Service

to synchronize with the Digital Frames Database


Disclaimer for
Data Privacy Compliance



Onboarding & Help Desk


Standard Statistics of Usage


Ongoing Maintenance
& Evolutions

Benefit from the expertise of our Photo Studio

Our professional photographers provide pictures from multiple angles (front view, 3/4 view) or 360 degree interactive views of your frames.

For each frame digitized from our database, we provide you with 2 HD pictures free of charge.


Request a free demo, a free quote, or set up an appointment with one of our sales representatives.