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Glasses Ecommerce - Free Guides
To help eyewear businesses grow online

Benefit from our resources dedicated to glasses e-commerce and eyewear brands
to optimize your online customer experience and increase conversion rates.

You will find some best practices to promote and highlight your glasses collections
in a convincing way. We also bring you some insights about mobile first strategy
and how to build customer trust when selling online.


Why retailers must adopt a mobile-first strategy

Consumer preferences and buying trends evolve over time, and for the past decade or more, customers have stayed increasingly connected to the world via smartphones. However, many retailers have not yet invested in a mobile-first strategy to meet customers where they are.

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5 strategies to improve the customer experience

Unlock the secret to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction with these 5 strategies. You will get the keys to transform your customer experience, stand out from competition and learn how to keep customers loyal. Read the complete blog and gain valuable insights and tips.

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5 ways to boost customer trust in eyewear

Building customer trust is vital for eyewear online shopping as it establishes a secure relationship between the customer and brand, leading to repeat business and positive recommendations. This guide will present you 5 best practices for building trust and key features to include on your product pages.

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Why tech is crucial to build a positive customer experience

When customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, they become a loyal customer. If they are ecstatic with their experience from the first click to the arrival of their new product, they tell their friends and family... and you have multiplied your customer base.

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The 8 must have tools for eyewear e-retailers

To be successful in today’s online eyewear space, you need to constantly interact with your customers. To help you, we outline 8 software solutions you definitely want in your ecommerce toolbox to enhance the customer experience and grow your business.

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6 steps to make your eyewear sales strategy stronger

A clever discount strategy not only makes customers feel positive about your business and their purchases but can help potential customers choose your products over competitors. Knowing this, can help you move your eyewear stock and grow your business.

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Optical e-retailer: stand out from your competitors!

Discover how optical e-retailers can stand out from their competition and create an interactive and engaging shopping experience for eyewear customers. We compiled all the steps to follow in order to run a successful eyewear online business.

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How to win the trust of online eyewear shoppers

Business success in the competitive online eyewear market depends on winning « the trust of buyers ». Discover how to build a strong online presence, providing accurate product information, and providing reassurance to you your online customers.

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Engagement & Conversion Rate

Find out the impact of Virtual Try-On on 5 million page views on Fielmann's website.

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