Virtual Try-On Solutions
for e-Retailers

Let your customers try glasses on virtually. Bring Augmented Reality into the online shopping experience.

AR technology for eyewear
a digital customer experience

FitMix is an HTML5 try-on module that turns your screen into a virtual mirror online, in real-time, via webcam.

When searching for their perfect new pair of glasses, users can virtually try on frames as if they’re in front of a regular mirror. They have the opportunity to explore near-unlimited options before making a choice. Their image is either streamed via webcam, or from an uploaded photo.

Improve your business’s impact, and reap the rewards of an improved conversion rate and reduced rate of product returns.

  • 89%
    of shoppers said appealing product photos can sway their purchasing decision.
  • 40%
    average increase in conversion rate when integrating a FittingBox virtual try-on solution, resulting in additional profits.
  • 22%
    of returns are due to a product appearing differently in person than it does in a picture. 





Our team of experts support you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry to launch and after.

Wondering where to start?

Our recommended three solutions:
  • FitMix
    is a HTML5 virtual try-on web module for your e-commerce website to grow prescription glasses and sunglasses sales. Find out more.
  • FitMetrix
    easily allows to measure your online customers’ PD and mono PD. It only requires a camera and a standard card with magnetic stripe.  Find out more.
  • Photo Studio
    is dedicated to helping you prepare HD photos for online and printed catalogs and applying 3D modelling for virtual try-ons. Find out more.


Our Virtual Try-On solutions are fully supported by all major e-Commerce platforms:

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Let us help you find and optimize your perfect suite of FittingBox solutions.

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