Lens Simulator

Makes trying on frames about the lenses as well.

The world’s first functionality that ensures an ultra-realistic lens virtual try-on experience.

Thanks to our augmented reality solution, your customer can virtually try on your lens and coating suggestions. Simulate lens thickness and anti-reflective, photochromic, sunscreen effects.

With FittingBox Lens Simulator, customers are able to visualize the various lens effects mounted on the frame of their choice, as if it’s on their face. This add-on is compatible with OWIZ Plugin, OWIZ App, and OWIZ Mirror.

Benefits of Lens Simulator

  • Promote_Target
    Increased Sales
    Because they’re able to see exactly what they’ll look like in your prescription, shoppers are more likely to purchase immediately.
  • mission
    Industry Leadership
    Stay ahead of the curve and provide a complete new eyewear shopping experience: virtual frame try-on and lens simulation.
  • Software
    Improved UX
    Provide an immersive shopping experience that keeps the buying process transparent and makes it fun at the same time.
  • Social Sharing
    Clearly demonstrate the difference between basic lenses and lenses with treatments.

Lens Simulator Specifications

Technical Features


Add-on compatible with OWIZ Plugin, OWIZ App, and OWIZ Mirror that includes:

  • Anti-reflective
  • Photochromic tints (XTRActive range available)
  • Tints of sun lenses
  • Thinned lenses (for OWIZ App only)

  • Available in FR, EN, DE, IT
  • Possibly extending to include other lens manufacturers
  • Software licence
FittingBox Subscription

  • This add-on requires subscription to the FittingBox suite and is compatible with OWIZ Plugin, OWIZ App, and OWIZ Mirror.
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