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Eyewear Virtual Try-On

Help customers to find new glasses online

Offer your customers a "try-before-you-buy" experience to build trust
and drive more sales!
Empower them to try on and find the perfect frame effortlessly.

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An immersive experience to enhance the shopping journey

A solution to empower customers

89% of glasses wearers
find Virtual Try-On useful when it comes to choosing a frame.

Offer them the possibility to easily browse and try on your catalog by building a great shopping experience (wishlist, carousel, color selector...).

An ultra-realistic rendering of glasses

Our real-time solution brings realism to new heights with accurate face tracking and attention to frame details.

It can handle complex materials and lighting effects to provide an ultra-realistic rendering of frame and lenses.





Experience our Live & Ultra-Realistic
Eyewear Virtual Try-On


Generate engagement and increase eyewear sales



More product pages viewed

*based on a A/B testing on Fielmann's online shop on 5M page views.

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Increase in conversion rate

*based on a A/B testing on Fielmann's online shop on 5M page views.


More visitors going to a store

*based on a A/B testing on Fielmann's online shop on 5M page views.

Fully supported by all major CMS platforms



Works on any system and any device


virtual try-on compatible on android and ios


Find out how retailers benefit from virtual try-on

Gunnar Optiks and virtual try-on by Fittingbox

It is the next best thing to physically trying on a pair of glasses. I would absolutely recommend Fittingbox because it has positively impacted our business.

RJ Snyder about Fittingbox virtual try-on
RJ SNYDER Marketing Director at Gunnar Optiks
Eyerim uses virtual try-on

Since we increased the number of models offering virtual try-on functionality
the uplift of conversion rate is stable around 90%.

Branislav Ramsak tells about Fittingbox
Branislav RAMSAK Eyerim Co-Founder

After virtually trying on a pair of glasses, we observed that users are twice more likely to book an appointment in one of our shops.

Stefan Wolk gives his feedback on virtual try-on by Fittingbox
Stefan WOLK E-Commerce Director at Fielmann Group

Of course, the possibility that users can try and buy wherever they are and without geographical or temporal limits or barriers.

Marta FRENNA Founder and CEO at GreyHounders

They trust us