Even More Realism For Online Eyewear Virtual Try-On By Fittingbox

08 September 2022 • 2 min read

Fittingbox, the world leader in eyewear virtual try-on solutions, will once again be present at SILMO Paris this year, from September 23rd to 26th, 2022. The Toulouse-based company will welcome visitors in Hall 5A - Booth H012 to present two new innovations.Fittingbox digital eyewear solutions at Silmo

Frame Removal: a Diminished Reality based-solution made for glasses wearers.

The game-changer for all glasses wearers eager to try on new eyewear easily!

Frame Removal is a unique experience of Fittingbox Virtual Try-On that virtually removes the glasses worn on the user’s face. It replaces them with a 3D digitized frame, in real time, allowing the customer to view a new pair of eyeglasses without blurry vision.
Glasses wearers can now try on frames clearly and accurately without having to remove their corrective glasses. This world premiere is the ultimate tool making the life of glasses wearers easier!

Over the past 16 years, more than 60 R&D researchers have been working on the development of Fittingbox’s unique digital solution. This world premiere was first introduced at the two reference shows dedicated to technological innovations in the world: CES in Las Vegas and Vivatech in Paris.

Frame Removal is supported by 16 international patents utilizing state-of-the-art technology in Diminished Reality, which, unlike Augmented Reality, digitally removes an element from the real world.

Try the world premiere and unique virtual try-on experience: Frame Removal

Frame removal the unique glasses virtual try-on exeprience

A new digital frame format for even more realistic renderings.

Fittingbox has always made it a priority to create digital frames that feel as real as physical glasses.
With this in mind, the company is constantly working on improving the 3D rendering of both optical glasses and sunglasses, whether it be the lenses or the frame in itself.

For instance, their latest technological improvement recreates the path of light reflected in the lenses. This new 3D rendering format allows to recreate the gradient effects of lenses and other effects such as coatings and iridescence, for a more realistic rendering than ever.

As regards the frames, the 3D rendering is also even more true to life, thanks to a software they developed in-house. This tool was designed specifically for processing the texture and different materials there are on a single frame, to get as close as possible to what it looks like in the real world.

Get glimpses of what's behind this innovation: The challenge of lighting in virtual try-on


About Fittingbox.

Based in France (Toulouse) and in the USA (Miami), Fittingbox has established itself as the world leader in virtual fitting and eyewear digitalization. Fittingbox, the leader in Augmented Reality (AR) in Eyewear and frame digitization in 3D, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now Diminished Reality (DR).

Quietly behind the scenes as the technology for the largest optical and luxury groups worldwide, Fittingbox was the first to launch the “virtual mirror” allowing consumers to try glasses on via a desktop or mobile device, in real time, thanks to augmented reality. The company generates more than 95 million virtual try-ons per year and represents the largest database of 3D frames in the world, with over 130,000 pairs and more than 4,000 corporate customers.


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