Welcome to the new generation of eyewear Virtual Try-On & 3D frames

30 September 2022 • 1 min read

We announced at SILMO Paris the release of a major technological improvement of the #3D rendering of both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Benjamin Hakoun, co-founder and CEO of Fittingbox, talks about this new generation of virtual try-on, with enhanced 3D renderings and the game-changing experience Frame Removal.

About this new generation of Virtual Try-On

🌟Improved lenses rendering:

Enhanced gradient effects, coatings, iridescence and mirror effects and you can better see the eyes through solar lenses.


🌟Improved transparent material rendering for frames and lenses:

Crystal frames are definitely highlighted! Also, this new version upgrades the different materials on a same frame and translucent acetate renderings.

Even More Realism For Online Eyewear Virtual Try-On By Fittingbox

🌟The game-changer #experience Frame Removal!

This world premiere virtually removes the glasses worn on the user’s face to replace them with a new pair of glasses, a 3D digitized frame, in real time. It can be activated on demand as a module of the Virtual Try-On Advanced.





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