Fittingbox launches reliable and patented pupillary distance measurement online tool

20 September 2023 • 2 min read

The pioneer in eyewear virtual try-on releases its latest research-based solution, PD Measurement, with a card protocol for unparalleled precision and convenience.

Unblocking online buying obstacles

Fittingbox, the leader in eyewear virtual fitting and glasses digitization, extends its range of breakthrough solutions with a brand-new pupillary distance (PD) measurement online tool. It features a state-of-the-art card protocol for precise and hassle-free optical measures while shopping online.

In response to the ever-growing demand for seamless and accessible online solutions within the eyewear industry, Fittingbox has developed a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use solution to complete the user buying journey when shopping for frames. Back in 2017, Fittingbox already made the process easier when they launched a desktop-based solution that featured the input of an optician to allow distanced PD measurements. Since then, ecommerce has boomed but a major roadblock remains: shoppers often don’t know their pupillary distance, which prevents them from finalizing their purchase.

Online PD Measurement

Now, with this new online tool, internet users can effortlessly measure their PD on the same website they are shopping for glasses. To ensure a seamless user experience, this solution is mobile-first, without any app to download, and can be embedded on any eyewear website. A user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions and clear visuals makes the measurement process intuitive and straightforward.

Benjamin HAKOUN, CEO of Fittingbox, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "As a pioneer in the eyewear industry, Fittingbox strives to push the boundaries of innovation. Our PD Measurement online tool is a testament to our dedication to enhancing customers' eyewear experiences. Hand in hand with our ultra-realistic virtual try-on, we believe this tool will make it easier for glasses wearers to find the right frames and for eyecare professionals to ensure well-fitted lenses." 

Discover all the features of PD Measurement

A reliable and research-based solution

In addition, Fittingbox's PD Measurement is backed by an impressive portfolio of five worldwide patents on the technology and method for determining ocular measurements. These patents encompass cutting-edge innovations in the detection of irises, frames, ears and card protocol, providing customers with reliable results. The distance between the user's pupils is measured with a proven accuracy of 1 mm for 7 out of 10 measurements. The accuracy is within 2mm of the actual measure in 96% of cases.


SD fitmetrix

“With more than 13 years of work after filing our first patent on digital centration measurements, all the proprietary technologies that we have developed so far are adding together to provide an intuitive, fast, and reliable experience for the customer.” adds Ariel CHOUKROUN, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Fittingbox.

The combination of innovative technology and comprehensive patent protection makes Fittingbox's PD Measurement the go-to choice for precise and convenient optical measures, reaffirming the company’s commitment to enhancing the eyewear online shopping experience for customers worldwide.

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About Fittingbox

Based in France (Toulouse) and in the USA (Miami), Fittingbox has established itself as the world leader in virtual fitting and eyewear digitization. Fittingbox, the pioneer in Augmented Reality (AR) in Eyewear and frame digitization in 3D, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now Diminished Reality (DR).

Quietly behind the scenes as the technology for the largest optical and luxury groups worldwide, Fittingbox was the first to launch the “virtual mirror” allowing consumers to try glasses on via a desktop or mobile device, in real time, thanks to augmented reality. The company generates more than 120 million virtual fittings per year and represents the largest database of 3D frames in the world, with over 155,000 pairs.


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