Virtual try-on awareness: an untapped potential

08 June 2022 • 1 min read

A large share of eyeglasses customers seems to remain unaware of virtual-try-on (VTO) services, even among those who have already visited eyewear e-commerce websites, according to an online survey conducted by Episto for Fittingbox in March 2022 in the USA and in France. 41% of glasses wearers have not heard about virtual try-on for glasses but it drops to 26% among those who have once visited a website of an eyewear brand or retailer.

Virtual try-on consumer insights in image


In practice, only 13% of glasses wearers have already tried-on glasses virtually on a website.

We can be confident in this observation by comparing this rate in France with a Gallileo Business Consulting study conducted for the centrale des Opticiens on 1000 glasses wearers. We noticed a similar rate of 17%, this time for both online and in-store virtual try-on.

Among those who have once visited an eyewear website but have not tried-on glasses virtually yet , 44% declared they would like to do so. A huge potential to be unleashed especially since we are sure that virtual try-on is a significant help to choose a frame.


89% of people who have tried-on glasses virtually found virtual try-on useful to choose a frame.

Wherever they want to complete their purchase, in-store or online, virtual try-on is a useful step towards buying a frame that suits them. It rises to 93% if they discover virtual try-on for glasses for the first time as they did not hear about it before.


Who among the glasses wearers target have already purchased their glasses online? If not, are they ready to? What are the main roadblocks for purchasing glasses online?


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