FittingBox DATA

The world’s largest frames database!

Access a database of over 85,000 digital frames.

FittingBox DATA is the largest database of digital frames in the world. Through our virtual try-on technology, you can now offer your customers the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don’t have to stock in store!


What sets FittingBox DATA apart?

  • Showroom-1
    Thousands of frames
    FittingBox DATA is the world’s largest database of ultra-realistic digital frames.
  • Updates-1
    Regular Updates
    Benefit from new digitizations each month, uploaded directly to your administration platform (myFittingBox).
  • customization
    Create catalogs unique to your store, by selecting only stock you are willing to carry or keep on order. Present your in-house brands alongside international brands to the same standard.
  • Digital-1
    Easy Digitization
    Our shooting units make it easy to digitize even limited run frames.
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