F.A.Q. OWIZ Apps

When I try to bring up the app Virtual Mirror 2, it just spins and says checking connection.

We have now fixed the issue preventing some iPads to connect to the Virtual Mirror V2. The new release of the App might take weeks to be published by Apple on the App store.

So we have also made some modifications on our servers to provide a quick workaround allowing the doctors to use the App in its current version.

  1. Replace the name of your Ipad by your login (which is your practice name or VSXXXX or VSCXXXX):  do so by going to:
    Settings  >>  General >> About >> Name >
  2. After the modification, the Name of your iPad should show your FittingBox credentials login
  3. DO NOT uninstall/reinstall the App! If you are currently running the VM2 app in the background, kill it by double tapping on the home button and “slide it up” to remove it.
  4. Launch your Virtual Mirror v2
  5. Enter your Credentials

And it should let you use the App with your own selection of frames.

If you still have issues:

  • Do not uninstall/reinstall the App
  • Please make sure you are running the version 2 App and not the original version (the number “2.0” is yellow and visible on the app icon)
  • If you have changed your password in the myFittingBox back office, make sure you still use the original logins and password sent by FittingBox
  • Respect lower case/uppercase with the FittingBox credentials
  • If the catalog is empty, make sure you have selected your frames by following the backoffice documentation

Contact Us by e-mail: contactUs@fitingbox.com or by phone: (646) 982-1135