Glasses Virtual Try-On tool for Website

How about adding AR technology to your online eyewear business
to boost your sales and improve your customer experience?

Benefit from a fully customizable virtual try-on feature for your website.

Provide your customers with a "try before you buy" experience in real time, on any device.

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Conversion booster

Increase of eyewear sales*

*based on Eyerim case study

Massively used

Try-on sessions powered in 2021

For all businesses

clients around the world

Branded glasses

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Fully supported by all major E-Commerce Platforms

Gunnar Optiks and virtual try-on by Fittingbox

It is the next best thing to physically trying-on a pair of glasses. I would absolutely recommend Fittingbox because it has positively impacted our business.

RJ Snyder about Fittingbox virtual try-on
RJ Snyder Marketing Director at Gunnar Optiks
Eyerim uses virtual try-on

Since we increased the number of models offering virtual try-on functionality
the uplift of conversion rate is stable around 90%.

Branislav Ramsak tells about Fittingbox
Branislav Ramsak Eyerim Co-Founder
Transitions integrates virtual try-on for lenses

Fittingbox’s AR solution allows wearers to really engage with different products, styles, colors, and options in a way that would be much more difficult in real life.

Liam Murphy gives his feedback on virtual try-on by Fittingbox
Liam Murphy Digital Marketing Manager at Transitions

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  • Stand out from competition
  • Drive sales on your website
  • Get engagement on your product pages
  • Improve your customer experience
Try glasses virtually on mobile anywhere
Try Glasses Online with Virtual Try On solution for Website

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