How to drive more traffic in your eyewear store

How to Drive More Traffic In-Store With an Adequate Strategy

As more and more consumers value shopping from home, fashion retailers have been researching and implementing strategies to get their...

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Always delight your customers: Buyer's journey in omnichannel [part...

Omnichannel marketing is essential if you want to attract and nurture modern consumers through their unique buyer’s journeys. In previous...

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Customers are mobile-first: Buyer's journey in omnichannel [part 2]

Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel sales approach that provides customers with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can be...

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From passerby to customer: Buyer's journey in omnichannel [part 1]

It would be nice if the path to eyewear sales was as simple and as smooth as is often described. But any talk of THE buyer’s journey is...

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Augmented reality to redefine the in-store shopping experience

Augmented reality is impacting the retail world and providing eyewear specialists with the opportunity to redefine the shopping experience.

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