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Virtual Try-On Best Practices - Free Guides
To maximize the gain of virtual try-on

When deciding to offer your customers a virtual try-on experience, you might wonder how to do it and what benefits you could get.

Our guides listed for you the best practices you must think about when opting for virtual try-on (integration, promotion, benefits).


[Webinar] Maximizing Sales on Shopify store

Discover how to maximize sales on Shopify for your glasses ecommerce.  You will learn the main actions to double your new customers by removing some factors that make shoppers doubt. This webinar will give you insights and best practices to enhance your online shopping experience and buying journey. You will get the key to ensure users feel reassured when purchasing on your Shopify store.

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Virtual Try-On: Best practices

The usage of Augmented Reality technologies is growing incredibly fast in the eyewear industry, it is also crucial to follow best practices in order to guarantee a perfect customer experience and get a concrete ROI.  We compiled a few best practices to promote your glasses collection efficiently and boost your conversion rate by offering a virtual try-on experience.

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Virtual Try-On: Core advantages

While e-commerce websites have been embedding Virtual Try-On solutions, eyewear professionals, like you, have a big question: "What would be the real impact of this technology on my business?". This guide will present you in detail the main impacts of virtual try-on based on customers' figures: creating user engagement, increasing conversions, reducing product returns. 

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[Webinar] Eyewear Virtual Try-On - 5 things to keep in mind

You might be considering boosting the conversion rate of your website by adding a glasses virtual try-on feature. The question is, "where to start?" and "how to make it successful?". Our webinar answers all your questions by telling you the 5 things you should to keep in mind before getting your virtual try-on.

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Engagement & Conversion Rate

Find out the impact of Virtual Try-On on 5 million page views on Fielmann's website.

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