Adapter le contenu de son site pour chaque profil d'acheteur

Find inspiration for your eyewear catalog: focus on influencers and...

The profiles of buyers are extremely diversified, and your offer of optic and solar frames must satisfy the expectations of each of them....

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Les porteurs de lunettes ont des attentes très diverses.

Optical e-retailer: stand out from your competitors! [part 2/2]

Nowadays, it’s no longer necessary to have an optical background to sell eyewear online. Competition between websites is fierce, so we have...

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5 Steps to Succeed on Instagram for an Eyewear Business

If you are a glasses e-retailers without a presence on Instagram, then you are passing up a valuable opportunity to sell more product.

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each eyeglass wearer corresponds to a particular profile

Optical e-retailer: stand out from your competitors! [part 1/2]

So you’re thinking so selling eyewear online? You are not the only one! Make sure you follow our tips and advice to stand out from the...

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Social sharing can help to move shoppers move through the buyer journey.

How to win the trust of online eyewear shoppers?

Business success in the competitive online eyewear space depends on winning « the trust of buyers » by reassuring them at every stage of...

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Example of a very good product image quality

Digital Eyewear Catalog: where to find high quality frames photos?

"A picture is worth a 1000 words". Indeed, in e-commerce, pictures are everything!

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Fittingbox chosen by Fielmann as key strategic partner for...

After several months of worldwide technological research and analysis, Fielmann, Central Europe`s market leader in eyewear, has chosen...

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