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Project Lobster uses glasses virtual try-on to drive sales

[Case Study] - Project Lobster drives sales with omnichannel

Ivan ODAIR, Head of Technology at Project Lobster, gives his thoughts about the virtual try-on technology in eyewear industry. He relates how it helped Project Lobster to bridge the gap between in-store and online.

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KRASS offer customers a way to try glasses online

[Case Study] - KRASS brings joy with virtual try-on

With the virtual try-on, KRASS Optik makes the purchase journey better and brings joy to eyewear shoppers. Helping by AR technology the brand offers its customers an immersive way to experience glasses online.

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GreyHounders provides virtual try-on for glasses

[Case Study] - GreyHounders strengthen its digital presence

With the goal of positioning itself as a strong digital eyewear retailer, and stand out from competition, GreyHounders has opted for Fittingbox virtual fitting technology.

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Le Petit Lunetier integrates virtual try-on for eyewear

[Case Study] - Le Petit Lunetier adds fun into glasses purchase

Since Le Petit Lunetier embedded a virtual try-on on its website, eyewear shoppers can experience an attractive and fun buying journey. Learn more about all that in CEO, Elie Attias's testimonial.

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[Case Study] - Swiss Eyewear build trust with Virtual Try-On

Swiss Eyewear explains how virtual try-on makes the eyewear buying experience unique and reassures the customer through the benefits gained by the group.

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Virtually try on photochromic lens with Transitions Optical

[Case Study] - Transitions and the lenses virtual try-on tool

Transitions Optical recently implemented a virtual mirror for photochromic lens try-on on its website. Find out how the brand has benefited from this new feature on the eyewear sales.

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Optimize your eyewear catalog with a virtual try-on tool

[Guide] Optimize your online eyewear catalog

Organizing your own product catalog, especially to sell glasses online, has to be though upstream. You must know who are the buyers, what they expect and how to optimize your product showcase on the internet.

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Get omnichannel to drive eyewear sales

[Guide] Omnichannel Strategy in Eyewear

Learn how to redefine your eyewear business strategy in omnichannel to boost your sales and enrich the customer's experience.

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Gunnar Optiks and the virtual try-on for glasses

[Case Study] - Virtual try-on of blue light glasses with Gunnar

By using a Virtual Try-On solution, Gunnar Optiks enhanced its website traffic.
Check the full case study out and discover the stunning results the brand got thanks to augmented reality.

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A storefront window to try glasses virtually

[Case Study] A digital way to grab attention from passersby

Iris Optique seizes the opportunity to entice even more passersby into its store thanks to the implementation of a large Virtual Try-On screen into its storefront window.

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How to sell glasses even remotely

[Guide] - Eyewear professionals emergency kit

Even remotely, learn how to showcase your new eyewear collections to your buyers and discover some innovative ways to keep growth.

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Best practices to sell glasses on the internet with virtual try-on

[Guide] Tips from top eyewear websites about Virtual Try-On

Our eyewear expert team in digital tool found the most relevant examples of perfectly integrated virtual try-on solutions.

We are delighted to share these tips with you.

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Virtual Try-On for retailer in Brazil

[Case Study] Digital storefront window to showcase glasses

Alfredo FILHO (Store manager at Otica Quality, Manaus, Brazil) gives his feedback after the implementation of the Virtual Try-On solution, OWIZ Street.

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Try before you buy glasses online on eyerim

[Case Study] - How Eyerim has risen its sales

Facts & numbers from one of the top European Eyewear e-commerce website since the setup  of our digital solution for glasses.

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The main advantages of virtual fitting

[Guide] Business impact of Virtual Try-On technology

Boost your eyewear business and learn more about the 4 pillars of the Virtual Try-On solution.

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De Rigo Group to try Police glasses virtually on website

[Case Study] - De Rigo tells about Virtual Try-On

Here is Alessandro Rigato's feedback (Digital Specialist of the De Rigo group) after the implementation of our advanced glasses virtual try-on solution on the group's website.

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Alain Afflelou offers a virtual experience to try eyewear frames online

[Case Study] - Affelou integrates Virtual Try-On

Thierry Pires, former Web & Digital product Director at Afflelou, tells you everything on the implementation of our advanced virtual try-on solution for website. He also tells what benefits it brings to the French eyewear group. 

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